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Private: AUDCAD H1 Bearish Shark, S&R, Counter-Trend

Sell Limit: 0.9417(28)
ISL: 0.9454(-37)
TP1: 0.9351(+66)1.7:1
TP2: 0.9292(+125)3.3:1

AUDCAD – Bearish Shark by RaynLim on TradingView.com

Pending Order set at 0.9417
Trade Missed, cancel pending order for now


Private: NZDJPY H1 Bearish Gartley, Ranging, Stretch

Sell Limit: 69.93(30)
ISL: 70.77(-84)
TP1: 69.31(+62)0.7:1
TP2: 65.50(+443)5:1 [Target Extended]

NZDJPY – Bearish Gartley by RaynLim on TradingView.com

Pending Order Placed at 69.93
Trade Missed, cancel pending order for now


Private: EURUSD H1 ABCD Pattern, Trend Trading

Buy Limit: 1.1234(36)
ISL: 1.1187(-47)
TP1: 1.1284(+50)1:1
TP2: 1.1442(+208)4.4:1[Target Extended]

EURUSD-Weekly Market Analysis-Jun20,Wk3 by RaynLim on TradingView.com

On the higher timeframe I’m waiting for a shorting opportunity but on the 1-hourly chart, the ABCD pattern from within the buy zone, I’m waiting for the retest of the entry price to look for a buying opportunity.
Pending Order set at 1.1234
Missed Trade, Pending Order Cancelled


Private: NZDJPY H1, Bullish Bat, HOP, Check-Back, Trend Trading

Buy Limit: 69.41(28)
ISL: 68.98(-43)
TP1: 70.37(+96)2.2:1
TP2: 71.21(+180)4.1:1[Target Extension]

NZDJPY – Bullish Bat by RaynLim on TradingView.com

A bullish bat trade setup at HOP level, the overall trend even on the 4-hourly chart it is a bullish trend .
Daily chart there is a bearish shark pattern that acts as a counter-trend trade based on its timeframe.
Buy Limit Set to engage the trade.
Pending Order Placed at 69.41
Trade Triggered at 69.40
Hit SL -43pips

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