Trade Ideas Live

What is Trade Ideas Live?

This programme has been designed and created to help people, with or without trading experience, to become an independent and profitable trader.
Trade Ideas Live (TIL) focus on the required information and skill of Forex trading basics and fundamentals. Having the commitment to practice on the chart for 30mins a day, our students should be able to identify profitable trading opportunities and execute on their own without the supervision of our trainers 90days after the course.

More importantly, the trainer will also provide hand-holding support through Slack as students are encouraged to ask questions in regard to the course content taught on Trade Ideas Live.


• Able to trade at the end of the 1-day program
The participants will receive the knowledge to understand the market movements, independently spot the trade setups and be able to start trading at the end of the session

• 12-months Online Support
The trainers will provide hand-holding online support through Slack/Facebook group chats. Participants are encouraged to ask questions for the entire classroom to benefit from it

• Monthly Student Meetup (1-year)
Past and present students are encouraged to attend a monthly online meetup for continuous learnings. Each month students will be shown the different aspects/topics of trading to help improve and better their trading results.

Trading with the APE framework

Analyse Market Movement – Is the overall trend Bullish, Bearish, Sideways. Tradable or Non-Tradeable Setup
Plan – With the trading strategies(tools) that we are using, are we trading as a trend trading, trend following, counter-trend trading, break-out trading. Have your SETs(Stop, Entry, Targets) and follow your trade plan.
Execute – After executing the trade, just wait and follow your rule, resist from the trader’s deadly symptom, which is the itchy-finger syndrome to sabotage your own trade in the long run.

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